Providing results-driven content marketing, high-performing copywriting, and confidential ghostwriting to businesses and individuals around the world.

Writing isn’t just a job for me–it’s a way of life

I started writing skits and short plays in grade school (winning regional competitions), and my enthusiasm for writing has not diminished in the years since. I studied writing, theatre, and communications at York University before embarking on a career on stage (and off). In 2010 I shifted my focus to concentrate solely on business writing, and I’ve never looked back. 

In 2012, I transitioned to full-time freelancing and have been happily helping businesses of all sizes and almost every location since. I work from my dedicated home office with my wife and our three dogs (and one evil kitteh).

I also have an outstanding partnership with Starwood Creative, which offers services including SEO (audits, strategy, and campaigns), website development, branding, and much more. 

I still work with some of my earliest clients (that I began working with back in 2012).  As a small business owner with more than a decade of experience and multiple marketing certifications (including Hubspot and DigitalMarketer), I understand the crucial intersection between business strategy, marketing strategy, and content itself.

The bottom line is this: I understand you because I am you. I know how to deliver the results that you want, and I want to help you reach them. 

Start the ball rolling and send me a message and let’s get down to business.